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Anonymous Finland Claims Campaign to Fight Racism


November 09, 2011

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Anonymous Finland Claims Campaign to Fight Racism

The Finnish wing of Anonymous says it will press its stated aim of annihilating extremist organizations in the country with a series of actions that, according to self-described members of the branch, opposes “racial hatred.”

The wing successfully broke into the database of the Suomen Kansallinen Vastarinta (Movement of National Resistance) party Oct. 31, and released a list of members and applicants, with personal data such as name, location, age, contact details, and the reasons for supporting the party.

The hacking group joined operation #AntiSec on Nov. 4 to “externally support the hacking of several Finnish websites’ databases containing personal and sensitive info of thousands of citizens residing in Finland and temporarily released them on the web,” according to a release. The group also claims responsibility for leaking sensitive data of 16,000 people it obtained via simple SQL injections from Finnish authorities, companies and institutions.

The recently launched Operation Valkommaa purports that “We have seen the birth of groups and political movements and apparition of political figures who support racist ideologies and foster and encourage racial hatred through flamboyant rhetoric, people and movements who ” and We are absolutely sure of it ” would switch from words to extreme violent action towards foreigners if they had the means to do so and a massive support at their back.”

It is interesting to note that this would be the first major action taken by Anonymous Finland, although in a subsequent message on the same day, another voice claiming to belong to the group denied the attack and qualified AntiSec as “childish,” and “nothing but a bunch of bought exploits.”

Even more noteworthy is the decision of the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation to make public a 300-page abridged version (comprising the date of birth and first name) of the leaked data of the 16,000 people on its own Web site (in Finnish). Rumors say this actually lead to an involuntary DoS on the site. According to an ongoing police investigation, the personal details were stolen from adult and continue education organizations. The Finnish Student Alliance has confirmed that some of the data was obtained from its network.

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