Fourth of July scams and how you can avoid them


June 29, 2023

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Fourth of July scams and how you can avoid them

Holidays such as the upcoming Fourth of July celebration in the US are a very active time for fraudsters seeking to strike unsuspecting victims.

Like every other holiday, con artists may exploit Independence Day festivities to trick individuals into handing over data and money.

Here’s what you can expect of Independence Day scams and how you can avoid them:

Holiday-themed scam texts and emails

Around the 4th of July, expect unsolicited messages or phishing links that allegedly redirect you to a greeting card sent from friends or family. Upon interaction with the malicious links, individuals may either be tricked into providing personal information and credit card data to view the greeting card or have malicious software loaded onto their devices.

Always confirm the authenticity of a message before accessing any links or providing your information.

Phony giveaways and vouchers spam campaign

Although retailers and hypermarkets have already begun their 4th of July sales, watch out for phony giveaways, vouchers or coupons for too-good-to-be-true deals that may end up in your inbox.

Scrutinize all correspondence stating you’ve won a large sum or any voucher you’re offered to spend on a shopping spree at Costco, Walmart, Target or Amazon. If you know you haven’t participated in any legitimate giveaways, it’s a scam.

Online Sales Scams

If you plan to shop for Fourth of July decorations, flags or fireworks, only use reputable, trustworthy websites. Scammers may seek to capitalize on the demand for patriotic-themed merchandise and set up phony websites and ads on social media.

Phony Independence Day event tickets

Individuals looking to attend a fireworks show or live concerts also need to be on the lookout for scammers eager to cash in on your anticipation. Closely inspect the name and location of the event, and do your research before taking out your credit card. Always purchase tickets to any events directly from the venue hosting the event and not via unsolicited links or ads you see on social media.

For extra digital protection this 4th of July, install a security solution on your device that will protect you from Independence Day-themed malicious or phishing attacks.

Happy Independence Day and safe surfing everybody!




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