Microsoft Edge Rolling Out Built-in VPN Support for Select Users


February 27, 2023

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Microsoft Edge Rolling Out Built-in VPN Support for Select Users

Microsoft has started rolling out built-in VPN support for its web browser, Microsoft Edge. Although the feature is currently available in the browser’s stable channel, not all users can access it.

The new feature, dubbed Edge Secure Network, is based on Cloudflare and uses its network of servers to encrypt user traffic.

While it does offer basic VPN functionality in the form of IP cloaking and traffic encryption, Edge’s built-in VPN lacks other common features, such as those that let users choose a specific location, toggle an internet kill switch or bypass geoblocking. In short, it’s not a fully fledged VPN.

Furthermore, Edge Secure Network is capped at 1 GB per month, leaving little room for multimedia streaming. Some users say they see a 15 GB data cap in the feature’s activation panel. Currently, it’s unclear if the data cap mismatch is a temporary promo or an error.

Although 15 GB per month is significantly more generous than the 1 GB data cap, it’s still not enough for bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming movies. Third-party VPN providers, by contrast, impose no data cap, and they offer more robust privacy protection mechanisms

It's worth noting that this feature is still only available to select users, and Microsoft has not said when it will be widely available.

While the feature isn’t mature enough to replace a fully fledged VPN, a built-in option within the browser could make things easier for those who don't want to install additional software.

If you want a more comprehensive VPN solution, consider switching to a dedicated service like Bitdefender VPN. But for those who want an easy-to-use VPN built right into their browser, Microsoft Edge's new feature is certainly worth trying out.




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