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Piilopuoti Dark Web Marketplace Taken Down by Finnish Law Enforcement with Bitdefender’s Help


September 21, 2023

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Piilopuoti Dark Web Marketplace Taken Down by Finnish Law Enforcement with Bitdefender’s Help

Finnish Customs, in collaboration with Interpol and other law enforcement agencies, has announced the seizure of the Piilopuoti dark web marketplace specialized in distributing narcotics. Bitdefender was a cybersecurity partner that law enforcement agencies used to bring down the marketplace.

Dark web marketplaces are home to virtually any type of illegal goods or services. If there’s a law against it, some people will likely try to make some money from it on the dark web. Aside from items like stolen credit cards, compromised online accounts, fake IDs, personal information from data breaches, and similar products, the dark web can also host weapons and drugs.

The Piilopuoti marketplace specialized in drugs, drug paraphernalia such as syringes, needles and other related goods. Bringing down such an important drug hub deals a heavy blow to the underworld, and it underscores the value of cooperation between the public and private sectors to disrupt cybercriminal activities.

“We are extremely pleased that PIILOPUOTI has been seized and would like to congratulate law enforcement, Finnish Customs and everyone involved,” said Alexandru Catalin Cosoi, Senior Director, Investigation and Forensics Unit at Bitdefender.

“This operation is a prime example of the public and private sector pooling resources and working together to disrupt illegal online activities,” he said. “It should also serve as a wake-up call for criminals who falsely believe their infrastructures, anonymity, and actions are fully protected by the dark web. They should understand if they are in the crosshairs of an international effort, they will eventually be brought to justice.”

According to Finnish Customs, the site operated as a hidden service in the encrypted Tor network, and the drugs sold on the platform were smuggled to Finland from abroad.

Finnish authorities collaborated with German and Lithuanian authorities, as well as Europol, the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust), agencies of other countries, various police units in Finland, and cybersecurity vendors such as Bitdefender.




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