World Backup Day: Are you prepared for data loss or theft?


March 27, 2024

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World Backup Day: Are you prepared for data loss or theft?

Data loss can happen to anyone at any time. Whether from human error, technical issues, physical theft, or hacks, millions of people are impacted by data loss each year.

Did you know?

  • 249 phones are stolen each day in London, according to 2022 BBC/ Metropolitan Police reports
  • 45% of individuals aged between 18 and 24 have lost or are likely to lose their phones, according to Statista

World Backup Day encourages individuals to think of the importance of data and the damaging implications of overlooking the security of devices and computer systems that store it.

How does data loss occur?

Losing cherished memories on your hard drive or phone or falling victim to a digital crook aiming to steal your info or hold your data for ransom can be terrifying.

You can take charge and protect your data by being proactive and defending against these scenarios:

  • Human error: you accidentally delete important files, or misplace or lose devices
  • Hardware crashes or issues that leave you without family photos, work documents, and other sensitive information
  • Malicious individuals: your device is stolen, or cybercriminals take over your device and threaten to delete all of your essential data unless you pay a ransom

Embracing the best practices for your 2024 backup strategy

World Backup Day is a global initiative that calls on users to prioritize data protection and security.

While you may have a lot on your plate this week in preparation for the Easter celebration, there’s no better time to begin strategizing your data backup plan.

Take it step by step and set achievable goals that put you on the right track toward a comprehensive data loss prevention strategy that ultimately saves you time, money, or emotional harm.

Don’t miss the opportunity to adequately safeguard your memories and important documents by brushing up on the best backup practices:

  • Frequently review and identify the files and documents you want to back up.
  • Remember the 3-2-1 rule. This strategy implies you keep three copies of data, use two different media storage types (a combination of external hard drive and cloud storage), and keep one copy off-site.
  • Consider using a trustworthy cloud storage provider with robust security practices to protect data against physical damage and theft.
  • Never rely solely on your smart devices as a fail-proof storage solution for your data and documents. Devices can be damaged, lost, or stolen.

As World Backup Day approaches, take the Backup pledge and remind friends and family to review their data recovery plan as well.

Backing up your data can even be a very productive process that helps you declutter and organize your data and files.

Jump-start your data security plan by protecting precious data and memories from cyber crooks and malicious attacks. Check out Bitdefender security plans, which not only include our award-winning malware protection for your household device but can also be paired with a robust VPN and, an easy way to secure passwords and other sensitive data, and even a handy identity protection service to safeguard the digital you.




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